Xandra Carroll was one of the best speakers that our student ministry learned from in my 5 years of pastoring that community. She demonstrated time and time again the ability to communicate profound biblical and philosophical truths to our students in a way that was eminently relatable and easy to understand. More than that, Xandra did an outstanding job of creating space for students of all ages, backgrounds, and religious beliefs to ask questions and receive thought-provoking answers. I highly recommend her to any communities that are interested in digging deeper into the biggest questions with which students (and adults!) are wrestling.


—Pastor Joseph McCormick

Xandra Carroll is a relatable and dynamic teacher.  Her ability to unpack complex theological truths to all age groups is unparalleled, and her heart for the gospel is inspiring.


--Trever Cook, Youth Pastor

Xandra is a clear and compelling speaker on a wide range of topics to a wide range of audiences. Her particular love and expertise of the biological sciences, along with a passion to reach and train those asking life’s big questions, is a rare combination..

--Sharon Dirckx, RZIM Apologist, UK 

Xandra is a young Christian thinker and scientist to watch. She is a fearless but humble ambassador for the reasonableness of the Christian worldview. 


Dr. Douglas Groothuis, Denver Seminary

Xandra leads people to higher ground, both intellecutally and spiritually.

--Pastor Steve Whitlock

Alexandra is a clear and knowledgeable speaker who illustrates her points well - bringing complex ideas down to earth, making her accessible and effective in her teaching and speaking. I highly recommend her as a speaker and teacher.


Rodney Lake, Thinking Matters

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