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Alexandra was born in California, raised in Colorado, and has spent much of her adulthood traveling the world.  She was raised in a Christian home, but in high school she began asking questions about how we understand the reality of God.  She later became the leader of the Bible Club at Columbine High School.  At university she witnessed firsthand the wonderful tool apologetics can be for evangelism.  She began listening to apologetic podcasts online and sharing her faith with others more openly.  She went on to train leaders in Youth Ministry in Strasbourg (France), later moving to Jiujiang (China) and finally made her way to Oxford (United Kingdom) where she pursued a study in Christian Apologetics. Upon her return she started a campus ministry at Colorado School of Mines.  She also toured Goa (India) speaking on human value to church youth groups and to women recovered from human trafficking.  Alexandra took her first paid speaking appointment in America at the age of 26 and has been on the road ever since.  Even while pursuing a Master's degree in Conservation Biology in New Zealand, Xandra continued speaking at conferences around the country and helped to lead a training group in her home-city of Wellington.  Aside from speaking she has also led several training/discussion groups for junior high, high school, young adults, and adults.  Her technical background includes both laboratory and field research. For a detailed list of topics, please visit the Speaking page.  She currently resides in Golden, Colorado.

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